Monday, November 28, 2005

Sealed bids (or your answer to some very special Christmas present shopping)

The auction list is now complete! To the best of my knowledge anyway.

We have an amazing array of fantastic promises from a ride in a plane to a walk in the woods. If you can't attend the auction party on November 26th (as I type a very few tickets are still availble) don't despair - you can still bid on the lots as a "sealed bid". If you would like to submit a sealed bid please click here .

Rules for sealed bids.

To be submitted by 12 noon Saturday Nov 26th (using the link above). Please give your name address, phone number, the promise(s) you are bidding for and your top bid.

The auctioneer will take a starting price from the room (or at his discretion if there is no starting price in the room) and then bid, on your behalf up to your top price.
If your maximum price has not been reached when bids against you stop then you will have won the lot below your maximum price.
If someone in the room or another sealed-bid offers higher then you will not win the promise.

So bid confidently! It is in a very worthwhile cause and there is always a chance of a fantastic bargain.

You will be notified by email on Sunday 27th November whether or not you won the lot.


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