Thursday, November 10, 2005

A sari from Indianna

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Indianna at Kelling is a very special shop, deep in the Norfolk countryside who, over the weeks, have become central to our “Evening of Exotic Eastern Promises” party on 26th November. They import the most gorgeous textiles, clothes and jewellery, new and vintage, from India and the surrounding countries.

In the weeks running up to the party many of us (women and men!) have made our way to this grown-up’s sophisticated dressing-up box and have been bewitched by the colour and glamour of the dazzling outfits.

And Jean, Sandie and Co ensure that an afternoon spent there feels like a Bollywood party in itself. Faced with so many fabulous things to try on and twirl in, it does take a while to choose the absolutely right one. Fantasy clothes shopping is so much fun.

Given the liberation of fancy dress, you became addicted to the heady delights of rich silks and glitter catching the light. My final choice though was the one I spotted first and kept returning to. A rich garnet coloured bejewelled vintage silk kameez, skirt and wrap will be fantastic for future parties or dressed down as separates for a Friday night supper with friends. Or to just stroke and purr over!

And I strongly suspect a second journey could be imminent to claim the pink heavy silk vintage frock coat with 24 carat gold embroidery that looked amazing with jeans (though I say it myself!) and would work like a dream with a little black number.

They are all one-offs so this must be done soon. Wickedly, the clothes and jewellery are temptingly affordable.

Without giving too much away, Mr Norfolk-Skies is also going to be seen in an entirely new light on the 26th…

Apart from clothes (a hire service is also available – but I bet once you see them you’ll want to own them!), Indianna also do fantastic fabrics for interiors as well and provide a design service. Their commissions have come from Duchesses and Castles as well as the more humble dwelling. And, lucky us! They are going to help transform the party venue into a vision of Eastern Delight, fit for a Raja, donating the use of their gorgeous fabrics and helping us with a bit of expert draping!

But most kindly, Jean has incredibly generously donated her most special vintage wedding sari for us to auction. In India, red is the colour of purity, passion and happiness and so worn for wedding clothes. This exquisitely embroidered sari could equally be worn as a stunning evening dress (saris are deceptively simple to put on and comfortable to wear – millions of women wearing them every day can’t be wrong!) or the fabric could be used as a truly inspired item of interior decoration.

The sari comes in its own gold presentation pouch.

One of the really touching things about this auction is that we have received so much heartfelt encouragement and support from new friends stepping forward to make their voices heard from all over the county and much further afield. We are grateful beyond words.

Indianna is open 7 days a week and can be found in the barns on the Kelling Estate a few miles outside Holt. Follow the signs to Kelling and look for the sign to the Estate on the right.


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