Saturday, November 26, 2005

The List....

The list...

Double click on the dates next to the promise to see more details.

1. 6 bottles of Claret Chateau Guibon Appellation Controlee 2001 See entry for 4th September for more details.

2. Be a train driver for a day! A days instruction on maintaining, firing and driving a miniature steam locomotive at Holt. For insurance purposes there will be a minimum age limit of 18. As well as an enamel club badge and driver's hat, North Norfolk Model Engineering Club membership will be included, which will also provide the promisee with a year of NNMEC's newsletter! See entries for 28th August and 1st Sept for more details,

3. A selection of high quality prints signed by internationally known professional photographers. (see number 15 ,16, 19 & 20, 24 - 27, 34, 35 and 38 to 41)

4. A trip for one in a Cessna light aircraft lasting for approximately 40 minutes.The route can be finalised with your pilot but we suggest a flight over Guestwick and the local villages which, if you live locally, can include your house.See entry for 21st August for more details.

5. A guided tour of Hindolveston Wood for four people.This is particularly appropriate for anyone who is interested in woodland flora and fauna, silviculture and the history of ancient woodland. The walk has been generously offered and will be guided by the man who best knows the woods and has been looking after them since 1977. See entry for 20th August for more details.

6. A trip for one in a Tiger Moth for up to an hour.We suggest the route could be over Guestwick and the local villages, perhaps including your house, and then on out to the coast. It would be a very stylish way to see the seals! See entry for 21st August for more details.

7. A weeks fishing pass at Bayfield Lake. Date to be arranged with the kind donor at your mutual convenience See entry for 22nd August for more details.

8. A drive for one in a pre-war Austin 7. The owner, who lives near Foulsham, will take you for a drive, of approx two hours, in one of the two cars.See entry for 24th August for more details.

9. A year's membership for two of the Campaign to Protect Rural England. See entry for 26th August for more details.

10. A 2-3 hour sail (depending on the tides) in the Blakeney, Morston area with an experienced local sailor. If you choose, also to include the seal colony on Blakeney point.See entry for 30th August for more details.

11. A joint of gammon from Brown's The Butcher of Reepham.See entry for 18th September for more details.

12. A two hour lesson in handbuilt pottery..See entry for 28th September for more details.

13. A personalised short story, featuring your name (or one of your choice if purchased as a gift) written by an award winning author. See entry for 18th October for more details.

14. A framed and signed print by well known artist Shirley Carnt - After The Storm - Thornham See entry for 20th October for more details.

15 & 16 Two signed prints by International Award winning photographer Jeremy NichollSee entry for 22nd October for more details.

17. A visit to the House of Commons followed by tea or coffee. See entry for 24th October for more details.

18. A professional composer will write for you a piece of music inspired by the Norfolk landscape and with a title of your choice. See entry for 25th October for more details.

19. Signed print of award winning photographer Brian Harris's photograph: The Reed Cutter.See entry for 26th October for more details.

20. Signed print of award winning photographer Brian Harris's photograph: Southwold Pier.See entry for 26th October for more details.

21. A very thorough carwash/valet. See entry for 27th October for more details.

22. A Tour of Norwich Catheral for two with The Dean See entry for 29th October for more details.

23. Use of an apartment by the sea for a week in beautiful St Margaret's Bay, Kent. See entry for 3rd Nov for more details.

24 to 27. Prints by international photojournalist Jiri Rezac See entry for 5th Nov for more details.

28 A beautiful vintage Berber rug bought in Morocco fifty years ago. See entry for 7th Nov for more details.

29 A one year season ticket for two to Pensthorpe nature reserve. See entry for 8th Nov for more details.

30 A beautiful vintage wedding sari (to wear or use as fabric for interior design) donated by Indianna of Kelling. See entry for 10th Nov for more details.

A signed print of the London Millennium night fireworks by photographer David Gordon, originally commissioned by Time Magazine.See entry for 12th Nov for more details.

32 The use of a luxury apartment for a week in the hills above Marbella, Spain See entry for 13th Nov for more details.

33 A beautiful pencil portrait of an adult, child or animal by professional artist Linda Nicol See entry for 14th Nov for more details.

34 & 35 Two signed, mounted prints by photojournalist David Gordon See entry for 22nd Nov for more details.

36 His and hers pre-Christmas rejuvenation pack (baskets full of pampering goodies plus a bottle of Veuve Clicquot)See entry for 22nd Nov for more details.

37 A trailerload of well rotted horse manure - perfect for the roses. See entry for 22nd Nov for more details.

38 to 41 Stunning signed and mounted prints by photjournalist Graham Trott See entry for 22nd Nov for more details.

42 A basket of ironing
See entry for 24th Nov for more details.

43 Sunday Lunch for two at the Royal Oak, Bintree See entry for 24th Nov for more details.


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