Tuesday, November 22, 2005

His and hers pre-Christmas rejuvenation pack

Luckily I don't have custody of this promise as yet, otherwise I think I would be lying, exquisitely perfumed, pampered and slightly sozzled in the bath right now!

This is a very empathetic and thoughtful promise, so many thanks to the kind donors.

The baskets comprise a luscious selection of luxurious spa treatments guaranteed to restore the most stressed festive hall-decker back to their former glory plus a bottle of Veuve Clicquot bubbly (to pour in a crystal glass - not into the bath*). To reassure the more nervous male reader, the blue basket contains suitably manly bath treats.

Double click on the photo above to reveal an enlarged image, better to savour the full delights of the baskets.

*unless that's your thing - you decadent lot!

Photo (above) is of Marian Fresk, California, 1942


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