Thursday, October 20, 2005

Framed Print - Shirley Carnt

In preparation for the Exotic Evening of Eastern Promises, three of our more fabulous local inhabitants were at Indianna at Kelling, trying on eastern apparel and generally drawing a crowd. The well-known artist Shirley Carnt happened to be there and one thing led to another and she very generously and spontaneously offered a signed, framed, print as a promise for the auction.

She has painted and exhibited one-man shows worldwide, from Switzerland to New York, London, Paris and Brussels, to name but a few.

Although Shirley has traveled the world she is a passionate Norfolk woman. She lives and works from her Studio at Kelling Hall and also in her studio cottage on the edge of the marsh at Thornham where uninterrupted views of the sea and marsh and the ever changing sky give inspiration. Click here for Shirley's website .

The signed and framed print is shown above (although it doesn't really do it justice) and is called After The Storm - Thornham. It is a wonderfully appropriate promise as its strength is a representative symbol of the thing we are fighting for - the unique Norfolk skies.


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