Thursday, October 27, 2005


Tickets for the auction party on the 26th Nov are very nearly sold out. If you are unable to attend, sealed bids and telephone bidding can be accepted. To email for further details, or to register for either method click here

Okay the picture does not reflect the superior quality of work involved in this promise - but it was not to be resisted!

It is also not a picture of the very kind promiser. Though he would look particularly fetching in that hat.

The promise is a full valet/carwash. This will include internal hoovering of carpets and upholstery and cleaning of the inside windows. Outside, car will be rinsed with a pressure washer to loosen dirt, washed with shampoo and leathered dry including doorcills and usually hidden bits at bottom of doors. If there are squashed insects on the front, they will be carefully shifted too. Although, sadly, not necessarily revived.

The cleansing of your vehicle to its former pristine condition will take place at the promiser's lovely home in Guestwick.

You have the option of leaving your car to pick up later (the job will take approximately two hours) or staying around the village. If you like, the promiser will settle you down comfortably with tea or coffee and the papers whilst he toils and buffs. Or, the healthy option, you could perhaps go for a walk in the fine and peaceful countryside around Guestwick.


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