Saturday, August 20, 2005

A walk in the woods

Hindolveston Wood is 171 acres of beautiful old woodland which was mentioned in the Doomsday Book. It has been woodland since the wild wood covered England after the last ice age 20,000 years ago and it features in Oliver Rackham’s recent book The History of the Countryside. It is sensitively managed with wildlife very much in mind and uses the ancient techniques of coppicing to produce hazel. The wood is private and so provides an undisturbed habitat for the many animal and bird species that live there. It is very rich in ground flora and contains many of the plants which are used as indicators for ancient woodland. For birds, it is part of a green corridor of woodlands which includes Sennowe Park and Swanton Novers Woods.

The promise is A Guided Tour of Hindolveston Wood for Four People. This will be a particularly attractive lot for anyone (myself included!) who is interested in woodland flora and fauna, silviculture and the history of ancient woodland. The walk has been generously offered and will be guided by the man who best knows the woods and has been looking after them since 1977.


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