Sunday, August 21, 2005

See North Norfolk from the sky

Not one but two flights! Either of which could make a fantastic Christmas or Birthday present – or a huge treat for yourself. One flight will be in a Tiger Moth which we are recommended will be best enjoyed once the weather starts to warm up a bit in the Spring and the other in a Cessna, which has a heater, and so can comfortably be taken nearer the time of purchase.

Lot 4 Is a trip for one in a Cessna light aircraft (the plane in the photo below) lasting for approximately 40 minutes. The route can be finalised with your pilot but we suggest a flight over Guestwick and the local villages – which, if you live locally, can include your house!

Lot 6 Is a trip for one in a Tiger Moth (the plane in the photo above) for up to an hour so we suggest the route could be over Guestwick and the surrounding villages (including your house if you live locally) and then on out to the coast. It would be a very stylish way to see the seals!

Your pilot and the very kind donor is an ex- RAF pilot who now works as a flying instructor, so you could not be in safer and more experienced hands. Living in one of the villages adjacent to Guestwick, he memorably captivated those of us on his email list with a truly magical description of early summer flying over the proposed turbine development alongside the buzzards who were peacefully drifting on the thermals. We can’t promise you that experience (unless we manage to have a quiet word with the buzzards first) but we can guarantee it will be a rare opportunity to view the countryside from a unique perspective.

The exact time and day of the flights can be arranged with the pilot at your mutual convenience. If you need to know more or have any questions, please e-mail using the “Contact us” link on the right.


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