Monday, August 22, 2005

Gone fishin'

The long, thin lake at Bayfield Hall in many ways epitomises the beauty of the lower Glaven valley. It was dug in the late eighteenth century for ornamental purposes. In the late nineteenth century an ‘extravaganza’ tunnel was built into the valley side so that the Glaven could be partly diverted around the lake.

The Georgian style house (rebuilt in the 18th Century from an earlier Tudor house) is sited in one of the most beautiful country parks in Norfolk. The large 500-acre park, designed by Repton, is laid to grass and dotted with ancient oaks and beeches whilst the lake runs serenely through its middle.

You really couldn't wish for a more beautiful setting for a spot of fishing. The promise is one weeks coarse fishing pass on Bayfield Lake, your potential quarry including carp and tench. The date to be arranged at your mutual convenience with the very kind donor.


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